The 7 Best Surf Casting Rods (for Long Distance) in 2022

Surf fishing (also known as beach fishing) often required long distance casts to get past the break and reach the feeding fish.

With literally hundreds of makes and models, how do you which are the best? Don’t worry – we’ve listed the very best surf fishing rods for long distance casting.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the best long distance surf casting rods

Rod Only:

  1. St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod [Best Overall]
  2. Penn Prevail Surf Casting Rod
  3. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Series [Great Value]
  4. Fiblink Surf Spinning Graphite Rod [Best Budget]

Rod and Reel Combo:

  1. Daiwa BG5000/1002MH Saltwater Combo [Best Overall Combo]
  2. Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo [Great Value]
  3. Tailored Tackle Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

What to consider when buying a rod

Let’s start by discussing the main parts of a rod that determine how much distance you’ll get.


Surf fishing rods tend to be longer, somewhere in the 8’ to 14’ range. They also tend to be stiffer than general pier rods as the surf casting angler will be casting out heavier weights and lures to reach the feeding fish at greater distances.

As a general rule, the longer the rod, the further it should be able to cast. The leverage increases as the rod length does. Although people’s ability and technique will also play a part in what length of rod to go for.

Long distance casting can best be achieved with rods 10 feet or longer.

Rod Action

The main thing to consider before making any sort of surf casting rod purchase is the type of action the rod has. Although rods come with various actions, surf casting rods generally only have two actions, either a fast action or a progressive action.

A fast action rod is specifically designed for long distance casting.

The action comes from the top quarter of the rod which allows the blank to really compress under a load but recover quickly during the cast which enables you to achieve greater casting distances with this style of rod. As a general rule, fast action rods are longer in length than rods with a progressive action.

A rod with a slow action will allow it to bend through its entire length. This style of rod is often found in the shorter 9’ to 12’ lengths and is more forgiving than a fast action rod. This means that this style of rod is a good choice for beginners to surfcasting and anglers that don’t need to cast a great distance to find the feeding fish.

Reel Type

Another point that needs to be considered when purchasing a surf casting rod is the style of reel that will be used. There are two types of reel for surf casting, the traditional fixed spool, or spinning reel as its also known and the bait casting style of reel, sometimes known as a multiplier.

You will need to decide which style of reel you want to use before purchasing a rod as the reel seats are positioned on different parts of the butt section. Spinning rods will have the word ‘spinning’ in the name. Casting rods will say either casting, baitcasting, or conventional.

As a guide, greater distance can be achieved with the baitcasting style reel, but the spinning reel is ideal for beginners and when greater distance isn’t required.

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Also, take into consideration the casting rate of the rod. All rods are built to be able to cast a certain amount of weight, maybe 1-3oz or 6-8oz. This will also determine the size and style of rod you will need to buy.

Number of pieces

A fishing rod itself is normally one or two pieces. Historically, most rods were one long piece. In recent years companies have started moving to two-piece rods. Some old-school folks think a one-piece rod is more sensitive and is better for detecting bites. But honestly, the modern two-piece rods fit together so well that most people won’t even know the differnce.

We prefer a two-piece rod because they’re much easier to transport and store. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference.

Just the rod or a rod and reel combo?

A fishing rod can be purchased by itself or as part of a rod and reel combo. If you buy a rod by itself, you’ll need to buy a reel that fits the rod. Either option is fine.

The best (and most expensive) rods are often sold by themselves, since the experienced angular would likely want to customize it with their own reel selection. That’s not always the case, but it seems to be most of the time.

If you buy the rod and reel separately, just make sure you buy a reel that matches the rod. A baitcasting rod goes with a baitcasting reel and a spinning rod goes with a spinning reel.

If you’re newer to fishing or not as picky, you might want to go with the rod and reel combo. They’re already paired to fit well with each other. Plus they tend to be cheaper than buying each piece separately.

The best surf casting rods for distance

Deciding on which surf casting rod to buy can be tricky, there are literally hundreds of makes and models to choose from. We’ve reviewed the best rods on the market. So whether you’re surf fishing in Florida, California, or any other beach in the world, these rods will serve you well.

St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Rod

If you’re looking for the highest quality, farthest casting, most versatile surf rod, than this is the rod you need. In our humble opinion, St. Croix makes the best surf rods out there. The Triumph won’t disappoint.

The moderate fast action is sensitive and responsive. This is a medium power rod, so you won’t get the same distance as the Penn Prevail, especially with heavier sinkers.

Why we love this rod: St. Croix claims to make the “Best Rods on Earth.” We’ll admit that there was a period where the company released some rods that weren’t exactly “the best.” However, this Triumph series returns St. Croix to the levels of quality that originally made us fans of the company many years ago.

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Another set of rods worth looking at is the Penn Prevail Surf Spinning series. Lengths of these rods range up to 12′, but most folks will be fine with a 10′ or 11′.

The “Heavy” power version of this rod is rated for load rate of 4-8oz. If you’re casting something on the lower end of that range, you could definitely cast 100 yards or so.

Why we love this rod: We love our Penn rods and so does everyone we talk to. They’re known for quality and durability, so for around $100, expect to have this rod for a long time.

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Series

One renowned company that makes good quality rods is Okuma, with its Longitude surf rods coming in a choice of several models. The rods in this series are two-piece and mostly heavy action. They come in a range of sizes between 8′ – 12.’ If you’re really focused on maximizing distance, go for the 12′ model. However, that length can be heard to control, especially for a beginner. The 10′ version will cast plenty far (and cost less).

Why we love this rod: Okuma has a reputation for making great rods and the longitude series is no exception. These rods are powerful enough to cast heavier payloads a long way, yet sensitive enough to detect bites. There are cheaper rods on the market, but for under $100 you’re getting a ton of value for your money.

Fiblink Surf Spinning Graphite Rod

It is a versatile rod that easily outperforms its price tag. This is a wonderful mid-level performance for beach casters that comes with a pole with power and mobility for many methods. In addition, this rod is robust enough for huge waves and powerful sufficient to handle distant fish.

High modulus graphite blanks are solid and light. Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides are strong, light-weight, and corrosion-resistant. Overall, it delivers precisely what it promises – an excellent choice for beginners or people who don’t want to spend a lot on an infrequently used rod.

The best surf rod/reel combo for distance

If you’d rather get a rod and a reel that were made for each other, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best rod and reel combos for long distance surf casting.

Daiwa BG5000/1002MH Saltwater Combo

This combo will make it easy to cast past the break. It includes an anti-reverse bearing for exceptionally smooth retrieves. The oversized handles are comfortable to grasp and help fishers to maintain a firm grip on the combination.

Remarkably well-constructed and suitable for saltwater use, this setup is ideal for capturing bluefish or stripers. This 10ft rod is perfect for catching big fish too.

Daiwa D-Wave Saltwater Spinning Combo

This combo is ideal for new anglers and experienced anglers alike. This Daiwa Saltwater Spinning Combo has a strong reel and rod that are matched and will not fail you on the water.

With this arrangement, you can catch fish using lures or bait. The combo will enable you to target several fish species. This is the mix for you if you want to save money while still getting excellent performance!

Tailored Tackle Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

A surf rod and reel combo from Tailored Tackle has everything you may require for fishing in both fresh and saltwater, including a surf rod and reel. It contains an extra-large surf pole, a 7000 XL Surf Reel, guides with a split grip casting handle.

The rod is 10 feet long, which allows you to throw a considerable distance with relative ease. Buyers have given this product favorable feedback because of its simplicity of use, durability, outstanding design, and cheap pricing.

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