The 4 Best Lures for Bluefish

best lures for bluefish

Want to stir up a Bluefish feeding frenzy? Then you need the right lure, a lure that’s shiny and slender similar to the baitfish Bluefish typically eat. Hi

We’ve put together a list of the four best lures specifically for Bluefish. So, if you’re planning to go fishing for Blues soon, you’ll want one of these four lures to help you reel in a big one.   

Fishing for Bluefish

While you can find Bluefish throughout the world, most Bluefish reside in the Atlantic Ocean. They’re typically native to the Northern Atlantic, but they venture further into the Southern Atlantic Ocean during migration, making them a popular Atlantic fish to hunt. 

Fishing for Bluefish is a ton of fun. Bluefish famously thrash and flail when bait or lures tantalize them. Some Bluefish reside more inland, but you’ll find the larger fish in the surf and further out.

Since Bluefish primarily follow baitfish schools, lures are a great way to get their attention when fishing. Bluefish also typically swim in schools which makes fishing for them all the more exciting. Once they note your lure or bait, the whole school erupts into a feeding frenzy that’s equal parts amusing and exhilarating.

Top 4 Lures for Bluefish 

Most lures aren’t specific for one type of fish, but there are definitely lures that work better for certain species. Here are the best lures for Bluefish.

1) Metal Spoon Lures

While simple in design, fishing spoons have been used to catch all types of fish since the early 1800s. For Bluefish, in particular, a metal spoon lure is ideal for capturing their attention. The lure, made from metal, reflects and bounces light off of its body in a way that imitates fish scales. Its small size matched with its reflective abilities is reminiscent of a common baitfish, typical Bluefish food.

Since this lure type consists of metal, it is high-durable and can withstand a Bluefish’s harsh, rapid movements even during one of their famed frenzies. Many spoon lures’ surface will also resist scratching, a common occurrence due to the Blue Fish’s razor-sharp teeth.

While spoon lures come in many different types depending on your need, for Bluefish, you’ll want a metal spoon lure for casting or trolling. The simplistic design, a single, typically oblong, metal piece, is aerodynamic, allowing the lure to quickly cut through the water much like a natural fish would. 

Its design is ideal for quickly reeling your catch or stirring up a Bluefish frenzy with a swift movement. Most metal spoon lures also have an attached three-prong hook. Bluefish, known for their ferocity, this hook will help keep it on your line no matter how much it fights.  

Our favorite metal spoons:

Acme Kastmaster Fishing Lure (Chrome)

Sea Striker SES300-1 Casting Spoon (Chrome)

2) Snagging Rigs

Snagging rigs are a bit more challenging to use than other fishing lures but make for a great and easy Bluefish catch when you use one correctly. Unlike most fishing lures, snagging rigs don’t disguise themselves as other fish. Instead, you can see the sharpened hook hanging from its end. 

A snagging rig’s purpose is not to catch a Bluefish immediately but to snag a bunker fish or other baitfish first. Ideally, you should use a snagging rig if you know the area where you fish has plenty of other fish around; this will make it easier to snag. 

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Once you hook a bunker, you can use it as bait to lure in the surrounding Bluefish. This lure is also ideal if you want to stir up a bluefish frenzy because the attached bunker is likely to attract multiple Bluefish at once. 

Since the snagging rig design is relatively straightforward, it won’t succumb to scratches from the Blue Fish’s teeth and is sturdy enough to keep them on the line. However, it will take some practice and patience to use. 

Our go-to snagging rig:

LikeFish Snagging Hooks Snagging Weighted Treble Hooks

3) JerkBait 

Jerkbait, a type of plug or crankbait lure, is perfect to use when fishing for Bluefish because of the way it swims beneath the surface and its widespread customization. This lure type comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, but your best bet when fishing for Bluefish is a jerk bait lure that resembles a bunker or another Bluefish favored baitfish. 

When you cast this lure out, it takes a minute to sink below the surface, but once you start reeling in, the interest dives beneath the depths in a quick motion to attract any surrounding Bluefish. Also, as the name implies, this lure makes sporadic, jerky movements to further captivate fish.

Depending on the color choice, the jerk bait can reflect like baitfish and other metal lures. This lure type also typically comes with two or three hooks hanging from either the top or bottom, making it ideal for securing your catch.  

The perfect jerkbait for Bluefish:

Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure (Silver Blue Mackerel)

4) Bomber Lures

Bomber lures combine the best of jigs and aerodynamic spoon lures. This lure is excellent to prevent penetration but looks identical to a standard baitfish. Its slim, aerodynamic shape perfectly slices through the water during deeper dives, and the reflective coloring on the body reflects light to attract the Bluefish much like fish scales on a baitfish would.  

The Bomber Lure’s disguise can easily confuse a Bluefish, primarily if you fish near a school of baitfish that the Bluefish follow. The lure will blend in with the crowd, increasing your chances of catching a Bluefish.

Bomber lures also come in various sizes and colors, which make them perfect lures for customization. If you fish for Blues at deeper depths, you should look into the more effective, lengthier bomber lures than the smaller ones, which do well in shallow waters. 

You can also often choose the color lure you want, meaning you can pick one out closely resembles the baitfish that Bluefish prefer. With two double-edged hooks, one on top and bottom, the lure virtually ensures that your Bluefish won’t escape your line once it bites down. 

Best Bomber lure for Bluefish:

Bomber Lures Long Shot Slender Minnow

TIP: The Bomber Lures is also a great choice if you’re surf fishing at night.

Tips for Catching Bluefish

Use a wire leader. Bluefish have sharp teeth and will easily bite off your line. Prevent that by using a wire (steel) leader.

Be patient. Don’t try to set the hook as soon as you feel a bite. Sometimes Bluefish will bite at your lure several times before they get hooked.

Look for birds. If you see birds diving into the water, there’s a good chance that they’re after the same baitfish as Bluefish.

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