Best Line for Surf Fishing

If you’re trying to find the best line for surf fishing (also known as beach fishing), it may seem like there are a ton of choices. Weight, type, and even color all important.

In general, the best line for surf fishing is braided line with test strength between 25-50 lbs.

We’ll explain all the differences and what works best for surf fishing. But, if you’re in a hurry, here are our picks for best line for surf fishing:

Best line for surf fishing

1) KastKing SuperPower Braided
2) Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braided
3) Reaction Tackle High Performance Braided
4) Stren High Impact Monofilament
5) KastKing FluoroKote Fluorocarbon

There are three main types of fishing line to choose from: monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid. The other factor to consider is the line strength measured in pounds.

Of course it all depends on the type of tackle your using and the size of the species you’re targeting.

The 3 main types of surf fishing line

Monofilament line

Monofilament line, commonly known as mono, is a single strand line that is most commonly made from nylon. Compared to braided line and fluorocarbon, mono has far more stretch meaning that it gives the angler more forgiveness in certain situations such as when a large fish suddenly dives, as the stretch in the line can help prevent the hook from pulling out.

It is also a lot more flexible than other lines, so it is far easier to cast and is a more manageable material to tie knots with. Mono also has a slow sinking rate compared to other lines, so it is ideal for using topwater baits and lures.

Monofilament line is also the cheapest of all the line types on the market. It does have one disadvantage. Since it stretches more than other lines, mono line has a lot less sensitivity. It can be hard to tell if you have a bite.

Fluorocarbon line

Another common type of surf fishing line is fluorocarbon. Like monofilament, is made from a single strand. But because the molecules in fluorocarbon are more tightly packed, it makes this type of line denser and quite a bit heavier than mono.

One advantage of fluorocarbon is that it has exceptionally low visibility under water due to having the same refractive index as water. It is also more abrasive resistant than other lines so it is a good choice when fishing around rough ground or anywhere where the line can rub against structures.

Stren High Impact Monofilament – 30lb

Flourcarbon sinks a lot quicker than monofilament, so it is a better choice for when you want to keep baits or lures on the bottom.

Fluorocarbon does not possess the stretch that monofilament has, so any sudden impact can cause line breakage. To counteract this, it is better to slacken the drag slightly on the reel so line can be taken.

Because of the lack of elasticity, you’ll find that it’s easier to set a good hook with florocarbon line.

Braided line

The third (and arguably best) option is braided line. Braided line, which is often called a super line, is made by weaving man-made materials such as spectra and dacron into one strand. This type of line is soft and has a very low memory. That means you’ll be able to cast it farther out.

One advantage of using a braided line is that is has zero stretch which results in better bite detection plus improved hook ups, especially when fishing at distance. This type of line also floats so it is ideal when using surface baits or lures.

One downside of braided line is that it is very visible underwater, so some fish can see it. Honestly, we don’t worry too much about saltwater fish seeing the line. They still take the bait. But, if visibility is a concern, try using a few feet of flourocarbon between your rig and braided main line. This is called a leader.

The best part is braided line has much smaller diameter compared to mono line. Which mean you’ll get much more line on your reel without sacrificing strength. If you ever see ‘mono equivalent’ on mono packaging, this is what they mean.

Braided (test lbs)DiameterMono test lbs equivalent
Braided line has smaller diameter then mono

Line strength

When selecting a line to use, always pick the appropriate line strength to suit the tackle to be used and the species targeted. The line strength, measured in pounds, indicates what force could be applied to the line before it breaks. The line strength and diameter will be clearly marked on the side of the spool.

The test strength range for surf fishing line is should be between 25-50 lbs. Start with the lower end for smaller tackle and when targeting smaller species. Larger species will require heavier line.

On the side of all reel spools the amount of line that reel will hold will be indicated. For example, 0.16/150ml means that if the angler has line that is 0.16mm thick that reel will require 150m to fill the spool.

When it comes to purchasing line, it is always recommended to use a reputable brand as a quality line is key to successful fishing. You don’t want to battle a fish for 20 minutes only to have your cheap line break!

The best line for surf fishing

KastKing SuperPower Braided

The SuperPower braided line from KastKing is a high quality line at a reasonable price (compared to other braided lines). It’s plenty strong, but also sensitive since it doesn’t stretch at all. It also has very little memory, so it won’t jump off the reel as soon as you open the bail.

The KastKing SuperPower Braided line comes in a variety of colors, including Low-Vis Gray, Moss Green, Multi-Color, Ocean Blue, and Yellow. We tried the ‘Low-Vis Gray’ for fishing from the beach and were very happy with that.

  • Strong
  • Sensitive
  • None (really!)

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline Braided

The Sufix 832 Advanced is another high-quality braided line. This one is made of 8 fibers braided together for ultimate strength. One of the fibers is a patented fiber, which adds to the abrasion resistance. We normally don’t get hung up on line color, but the camo color is pretty cool!

  • Superior strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • A bit pricey

Reaction Tackle High Performance Braided

Reaction Tackle may not be as well known as some of the other brands on the list, but the High Performance line is just as good (or better) than any other line. It’s very strong. In fact, the High Performance line goes up to 300lb test. You heard me, 300 lbs!

The High Performance from Reaction Tackle is abrasion resistant, so it’s great for fishing around rocks and other structures. It comes in a variety of colors, including camo and multi-color. Blue camouflage is a pretty cool color we haven’t seen before.

  • Cool color options
  • Super strong
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Harder to set hooks

Stren High Impact Monofilament

Out favorite mono line is the popular High Impact line from Stren. This line has high shock resistance and low visibility. Plus, mono line line costs much less than braided.

The one downside to mono is that it tends to jump off the reel when you open the bail. Not always, but just often enough to be annoying.

  • Low visibility
  • Shock resistant
  • Cheap!
  • Wider diameter than braided
  • Coils up and tends to get tangled

KastKing FluoroKote Flourocarbon

FlouroKote is consider flourcarbon, but it’s really a different kind of line altogether. It’s made of a copolymer core with a flourocarbon coating. I don’t understand the science behind all that, but I can tell you it makes for a super versatile line. It has some stretch, but not too much where you lose all sensitivity. It sinks fast, which is important when you’re spinning certain lure types.

The FlouroKote doesn’t seem to get shredded up as much as other flouros. It also has low visibility. In fact, it seems to disappear as soon as it’s submerged.

  • Some flex, but still sensitive
  • Casts well
  • Budget friendly
  • Knots seem to weaken it

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I attach the line to the reel prior to loading the spool?

A. Just wrap it around the spool and tie it off with an arbor knot.

Q. I am targeting shark from the beach, won’t they bite through the line?

A. Yes. When targeting shark or any other species with teeth such as barracuda or bluefish always use a wire trace in between the hook and mainline.

Q. I have just started fishing but am unsure what type of line to use.

A. For a beginner, monofilament is by far the best choice. It is cheap, has plenty of stretch which makes playing fish easier plus it is the easiest line to tie knots with.

Q. Which is the best type of line for maximizing casting distance?

A. Extra distance can always be gained with braid as it is thinner and far softer than other types of line. Check out our guide for some other tips on how to cast like a pro.

Q. How much line do I need for my surf rod spool?

A. It’s recommended to use about 200-250 yards of line for surf fishing. That allows for a pretty far cast plus extra line to battle your catch.

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