Best Lures for Trout Fishing

Lures are one of the best and most exciting ways to catch trout. There are so many trout lures out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones are best. But don’t worry, because we did the work for you. Keep reading to learn why lures work so well and see our picks for best trout lures.

About Trout

Trout are a very common species and can be found in both still and running waters. They are a predatory species that will take a wide range of aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, crustaceans, worms and other fish.

Trout in rivers generally hold their position in the flow and await any foods to be swept towards them in the current, whereas trout in still waters must hunt to find any food.

Trout normally stay close to features that offer them protection, for example vegetation, boulders, tree stumps and around docks. These features can also hold plenty of foods for the trout such as aquatic insects and small baitfish.

The Best Lures for Trout

Panther Martin “Best of the Best”

Panther Martin makes a ton of great lures in a wide variety and color and sizes. Choosing from their many option can be overwhelming. Luckily, Panther Martin Best sells the “Best of the Best” value pack, which contains three great lures for catching trout.

The blades are three different colors:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Tiger Green

All three lures are size 4 (1/8 oz.), perfect for most trout.

Worden’s Rooster Tail

The original Worden’s Rooster Tail has been around since the 1950s and is one of the most productive spinners available for targeting a variety of species, especially gamefish such as trout. These spinners not only have a rotating blade, but they possess a hackle tail that pulsates in the water which adds attraction to these lures.

Worden’s Rooster Tail’s are available in ten sizes and in over one hundred colors and they come with silver, brass or copper blades. Lures with UV finishes are also available.

Vibrax Blue Fox

The Blue Fox Vibrax original spinner is available in either raw brass, silver or copper plated and can either have a painted or printed finish. These spinners are perfect for targeting trout in ponds and will run between 2 and 4 feet deep, depending on the style and speed of retrieval.

Available in seven weights, these spinners also come supplied with a VMC treble hook.

Rapala Ultra Light Minnow

One ultra-light lure that has proved successful in catching pond trout is the Rapala Ultra-Light Minnow. These slow sinking hard baits are available in two lengths, 1 ½” and 2 ½” and although exceptionally light at only 1/8 oz, they cast well for a small bait.

The unique lip design of the baits gives them an enticing wobbly action on the retrieve, with the lures being designed to work around 2-3’ below the surface. They also have exceptional detail, with 3D eyes, etched scales and fin and gill markings coming as standard. These lures pair well with a trout spinning rod.

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Both models in the Light Minnow range also come pre-rigged with two  treble hooks. Rapala also tank test each lure before it is packaged and shipped to ensure that high standards are met.

Acme Kastmaster

The Kastmaster is a great spoon style lure from the Acme Tackle Co. As the name suggests, it’ll cast a good distance. It comes in a bunch of colors, but we like the plain gold version for catching trout.

Rebel Jointed Minnow

These lures were designed in the 1960s and produce more action on the retrieval than a solid bodied lure. As these lures float, the angler can slowly twitch them along on the surface or retrieve them steadily or erratically under the surface. They are available in multiple sizes, come in a good range of colors and are ideal for targeting trout on still waters.

Keitech Fat Swing

The Keitech Fat Swing swimbait is manufactured using a two tone injection process with plastics that are salted and impregnated with scent. These lures maintain a perfect upright swimming action at any speed and come with a handy center rigging line to ensure that the baits are rigged correctly. They are available in nine sizes and in a range of colors and the smaller 2.8” and 3.3” are the perfect sizes for targeting trout and are ideal for rigging on a jig head.

Acme Little Cleo Spoon

The Little Cleo is another great spoon from Acme. It’s so basic, we’re not sure how it works…but it does. Go with the Nickel and Neon Blue version.

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